The Importance Of Medical Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one thing that most people consider as an extra thing which is expensive and which makes the whole journey expensive and the only good about it is that it boosts the profit of the travel agent. Nevertheless, this insurance cover is one of the most important one and every person should ensure that they do not leave home without this insurance cover. It is very important to have this insurance in your suitcase or in the backpack.

A travel medical insurance protects one against loosing ones investment in case of a medical emergency. It is not possible to know when one may fall sick or have an emergency and the best thing for a person to do is to stay safe than be sorry. Have a medical insurance cover and you will be safe in case of anything. It is advisable to have a medical insurance as it does not suggest that one is being pessimistic. If an illness or an emergency does not occur, well and good, but prevention is better than cure.

A medical insurance is very important especially when one is booking for a holiday prior to the time of having their flight. This is very crucial as one cannot know what will transpire in between the time of booking and the actual time of departure. That time could be a week or even as long as a month. It is true that emergencies tend to happen any time and without notice. A person’s health is of paramount importance and nobody should dare risk or joke with it.

It is very natural for a person to feel like they are not potential for any forms of emergencies and like it is meant for the rest of the people. Most people will keep saying that nothing is going to happen to them especially when going for a holiday trip as they are looking to having fun and more fun. People are always optimistic especially when going out for a fun or a trip.

The only thing that people forget is that the importance of a medical insurance cover cannot be exchanged for anything else. Missing a medical insurance means that you can use all the funds that you had saved.

A travel medical insurance enables one to pay for medical treatment both while travelling and at the destination. If the illness is one huge one, then you can be returned home whenever necessary.

Medical treatment is excellent abroad and less expensive that it is at home. This insurance also helps in providing protection for a personal possession both while travelling and at the destination so that one is compensated in the event of a loss or damage.

Anybody and everybody should ensure that they have medical insurance cover so that you will not be anxious about anything while travelling. This is a sure way to let you enjoy your trip or vacation to the fullest.

Why not buy a medical insurance cover for yourself?

Does The Hospitality Of The Inhabitants Play Part In Shaping A Destination

The hospitality of the people living in any destination is a key point for one to consider before making a choice on an area to visit. If the people living in a destination are hostile and unfriendly, one will not feel comfortable to go to this destination no matter what kind of attractions it has to offer. In visiting a new unfamiliar place, a tourist would like to know that the local people will not treat them badly and will be willing to help if for example they are stuck somewhere. E.g. they would be willing to direct them if they are lost. Some people from local destinations are so arrogant towards visitors and will not assist any visitor unless he or she pays them yet the visitor maybe needing just minor help.

Some tourists like experiencing the different cultures and different ways that people carry out their lives and thus they like integrating with locals. This is evident by the growing popularity of home stays which are accommodation facilities where the visitor gets to stay with the locals, eat the locally prepared meals and also carry out some of the activities the locals carry out in their day to day lives. E.g. in Africa, one may stay with a family that practices farming and they are taught on how to milk a cow or even harvest food products such as tea or coffee. For one to enjoy such kind of experience, the locals living in a destination have to be friendly and hospitable and thus for a tourist looking for this kind of experience, they have to do enough research to establish whether they are going to be received warmly.

In some destinations, racism is a major issue and thus discourages people from certain races from visiting them since they have the fear of being mistreated. Some visitors have complained in the past of being given sub standard service by people from a different race than them, being ignored as they try to ask for a service or a product or even being called names that are demeaning and abusive. This thus discourages certain races of people from visiting certain destinations though they may be willing and able to go there.

The responsible stakeholders all over the world should give some civic education to their local people on issues concerning them being hospitable towards visitors. This is because, when a tourist chooses to visit their destination, very many people in that economy benefit from it due to the trickledown effect of the tourism and travelling industry.. Thus for the common good of everyone they should sensitize them on issues such as racism and the general hospitality and positive attitudes of locals towards visitors.

It is important for people to treat one another in equality and issues such as racism should be unheard of especially in this 21st century. This would make the whole world freer and thus tourists will feel comfortable and at ease to visit the destination of their choice without fear of harassment, victimization, racial discriminations or any other kind of negative responses from host communities.

Here Is The Best Way To Travel

Travelling can be so expensive especially if one is travelling abroad and is going to spend quite some time away from home doing various activities in the foreign country. Therefore, any person aspiring to travel for a period away from their homes should be prepared for the journey before taking the journey. Travelling requires a lot of preparation and planning for it to be successful.

Sometimes when one is travelling especially to a foreign country he or she requires certain documents for him or her to travel. Some of these documents include; visa, passport, vaccination documents among others. Seeking some of these documents requires finances and one cannot carry out his travel plans without them. Rather than requiring finances to acquire this document it is also part of preparation to travel to avoid last minute rush and to ensure that you are ready to travel.

Journeys that have stopovers can also cost you a lot of money especially if your means of travel is by air. Therefore, if by any chance you are a budget traveler it is advisable to avoid stopovers unless it is inevitable. Travelling by air is expensive by itself so to avoid unnecessary stopovers it is important to do prior booking of your flight in order to ensure you get to the right flight to your destination. Late booking can at times cost your twice as much as you would have spent especially if the flight to your destination is fully booked and you have to catch a flight that you will later have to connect to another to get to your destination.

Although travelling is expensive, if you are well prepared for your journey you can find yourself spending less than you expected. The most important thing is ensuring that you plan and prepare for your journey to avoid surprises. Planning involves carrying out research of your destination on various things such as what you require in order to travel, types of accommodation and the costs, attractions if you willing to visit any and the rates charged, transport services among other things. This will save you from many setbacks.

This research is important for any traveler especially if he or she is going to spend some time at his destination of choice, since he will require certain services during his stay. All the services required by the traveler will definitely come at a cost. This being the case, there is the need to be prepared to avoid surprises. With the knowledge of the activities to be taken and the services needed the traveler can be able to estimate the amount of money he or she requires during his or her journey. It also helps them know what they expect in their destination, for instance the climatic conditions, the culture of the people, language spoken among other things.

Understanding the destination will help the traveler pack appropriate concerning the weather and culture of the people at the destination and to be prepared in terms of communication in case they cannot speak the language.

Choosing The Best Destination

Getting a great destination is sometimes tricky especially when you do not know what you want. Travelling to any place requires an individual to be ready and aware of what they want for their experience at that particular destination is enjoyable and memorable. When one decides to travel away from their home, they need to get a home away from their homes.

Getting a place to stay while one is a way on a trip is very important. Accommodation is a key factor to consider while picking up a destination of your choice. Where you stay during your visit to any destination really determines the kind of experience you will have. Sometimes just one little incident can ruin the whole thing for you. It is therefore very important to ensure that you look into accommodation facilities in a destination before making up your mind on picking the destination.

Different people travel for different reasons; therefore, each individual during his or her stay away from home has various accommodation needs depending on the reason for their travel and the experience they are seeking. Different accommodation facilities seek to fulfill different needs for the diverse accommodation market. It is very important for any traveler to look up the accommodation facilities offered in a destination to decide if the destination is worthwhile for his travel.

Some of the accommodation facilities in different destinations include; home stays, holiday inns, luxuries hotels and lodges, camping sites, beach hotels among others. All accommodation facilities have their own unique features that make them attract different clients. In addition, they offer very amazing experiences to the people and make them feel comfortable although they are miles away from their usual homes.

Some people take a trip to areas away from home as a get away from the normal boring and tiring day today activities and all they seek for is relaxation. Such kinds of people are likely to seek such experiences in luxuries resorts, which are mostly beach resorts with spas. It is important for them to check out if they can find such kind of accommodation while choosing their travel destination. With the right kind of accommodation, they will definitely enjoy the destination.

Some people look to adventure in a destination and such people require accommodation facilities that will help them experience the adventure. If you are looking to adventure then campsites are definitely the places to check for while choosing the best destination for yourself. Camping in different areas will make the adventure travel complete, therefore if you cannot find that in your destination of choice then probably it is not the best destination to travel to.

Sometimes people like accommodation facilities that are easily accessible probably within a town center, however other times the need them to be in the outskirts of the town. Business tourists for instance like their accommodation facilities to be easily accessible due to the nature of their travel. Most importantly to some they sort accommodation facilities with conference facilities for their business meetings.

You want to travel to the best destination. Accommodation is key.


Places to see in Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is known as the heart of Pakistan. Karachi is the country’s financial hub and is the biggest city of the country having a massive population of almost 18 million. Its massive population includes people from all over the country who have come here to seek quality education, jobs, and better standard of living. The diversity of people living in Karachi has given it the name of Mini Pakistan. Karachi is considered as a rainbow whose beauty lies in the different colors. The diversity of people has given Karachi its own identity which helps it in differentiating from other cities of the country thus making it one of the most exciting and interesting places.

Karachi is considered as a tourist paradise. It provides with a wide range of activities and places for the tourist to visit and enjoy. It also attracts tourist from all parts of the world with all the attractions it has housed for them. It helps you from escaping the cold winds of Europe providing you with ways of relaxing and enjoying the warm weather of the city offering you with opportunities to experience the fun at the famous beaches of the city.

There are dozens of places that you would love visiting providing tourist with adventurous activities. Karachi’s most important attractions are the lovely beaches. It has some amazing and beautiful shorelines in the entire world. It is home to a number of scenic beaches for beach lovers.  Each of them has its own beauty and story. Among the exquisite places, Clifton beach which was one of the most famous silver sand beaches before oil spill in 2003 and is one of the most visited beaches. It also has the tallest fountain in the world which is a must see. Another famous and lovely beach is Hawks bay which is known as the breeding ground for sea turtles. Other than the gorgeous beaches, Karachi also has a wide range of landmarks.

The most important among is the Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam who was the founder of the country. Wazir Mansion and Mohatta palace are other landmarks that are a must see.

Karachi has a diverse range of restaurants and cafes serving the people according to their tastes. The cuisines of the city have different dishes ranging from the valleys of Khyber Pashtunkhwa to the lush grasslands of the Punjab and from the areas of Sindh to the plateaus of Balochistan.  If you are food lover then this is the perfect place you would want to visit. While planning a trip to Karachi you must be aware of the beautiful places that you should visit during your stay. Here are some places that are a must go.

  • Moenjodaro

Located at the distance of 350 kilometers from Karachi, it is considered to be the most spectacular city of ancient times. The relics of the ancient city situated in the Indus Valley provide enough information to the travelers about the people of that times and the way they planned out a well-built city. Wander around the city and witness the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the early people living in Pakistan.

  • Paradise Point

Paradise point is a beach in city that links to the Arabian Sea. It is a sandstone rock peninsula with a natural arch. The beach has many attractions for tourists including camel and horse rides, restaurants and amusement parks.

  • The Great Fiesta

The Great Fiesta is an action packed, hi-tech thriller entertainment with exciting features for all ages. It can be one of your ultimate favorite water sports destinations. It has more than 14 electrifying water slides for adults including an artificial beach where you can relax after having thrilling experiences on the water slides and a hurricane Wave Pool. For kids, there are almost 17 exciting water slides, having their own exclusivity. It is also a home to amazing water sports and games.

Ten Things to Do in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries in Europe where tourism is the most important source of income for the government. Although the city is famous for chocolates and the ancient European architecture, there is much more to it. In fact, most people visit the city to see the many public places and tourist spots which have become a part of its tradition. Here, we will highlight some of the most famous tourism places which have to be visited by anyone who holidays at the city.

The Atomium:

The Atomium is a building which was constructed by an engineer in 1958. The place is one of the most visited spots in the country and is known for the Brussels Expo ’58. The whole statue shows the structure of a molecule which is made of huge metallic atoms and stand 102m tall.

Center of Fine Arts:

The center of fine arts is also located in Brussels and was constructed in 1922. It contains several multi-purpose halls and rooms with the maximum capacity of a hall standing at 2,200 people. The other rooms have a capacity ranging from 200 to 500 people and are used for different acts and purposes.

BELvue Museum:

BELvue museum is a gallery about the history of Belgium and contains exhibits and artifacts about the World War I, World War II and the Belgian revolution. Then hallways are loaded with information about various monarchs who have ruled the country over the centuries. BELvue Museum was set up in a luxury hotel called the Bellevue Hotel and is visited by millions every year.


Coudenberg is a small hill in Brussels on which the palace of Coudenberg is located. The kings and monarchs have resided in the palace for more than seven hundred years and have the ruled the whole country from the Coudenberg throne.

Halle Gate:

Halle Gate is an ancient fortified gate which has been built in the second layer of wall around the city. The wall has been used for taking up strategic positions in the wars in the past and has now been transformed into a museum. Halle Gate contains many important artifacts regarding the monarchs and kings of Belgium and their rule in the country.


Mini-Europe is a park which is located at the foot of The Atomium. The place represents miniatures about the cities from all around Europe and more than eighty cities are represented on 350 constructions. The artifacts represent the cultures and traditions of places ranging from London to Budapest.

Museums of the Far East:

The Museums of the Far East is a complex of three independent museums which have been located in Brussels. The museums depict the culture of Japan and China and were established by King Leopold II. After the Paris Exhibition of 1900, an architect was posted to design a pagoda which was completed in 1901 and the foundations of the museums were laid in 1905.


The Planetarium is a part of the project of Belgian science ministry and is used for projecting the movements of sun, moon, the planets of the solar system and thousands of other stars in, and outside the galaxy. The dome of the Planetarium has a 23 meters diameter and contains more than a hundred projectors which allow the country to predict the movements more accurately.

Magritte Museum:

The Magritte Museum is an art gallery which has been established to honor the work of a Belgian artist Rene Magritte. It is located right next to the Royal Museums of Belgium and draws the attention of many tourists from around the world.

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7 Best Scottish Castles Worth Visiting

Scotland has been extremely famous for its natural beauty and breath-taking landscapes. The country has many castles known worldwide. Irrespective of their size or date of formation, these castles are visited by tourists from all over the world. Here, we bring you a list of the seven best Scottish castles that are definitely worth a visit when you go to Scotland.

#1-Edinburgh Castle

This castle has been in the capital of the country since the 11th century. Located high above on a mountain, the castle has a palace, fortress, war memorial and military barracks. It is surely a sight to enjoy and a view that mesmerises your very being. This is the city’s most visited castle and one of the highest rated tourist attractions.

#2-Stirling Castle

Located on a volcanic rock, this castle provides a fantastic view of the countryside and overlooks two battlefields of Scotland that have gone down in history – Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge. Most of Scotland castles are dated from the 15th to 18th century. This castle is number two on the list of best castles worth visiting and surely will make your visit worthwhile.

#3-Urguhart Castle

This is a two-in-one benefit castle. While you enjoy the picturesque view of the castle, it also overlooks the Loch Ness. So you get two wonderful monument views in the price of one!

In addition to this, one can climb the tower house of five stories to enjoy the mystical view. This is one of the largest castles of Scotland and is known for its beauty and vast spread.

#4-Caerlaverock Castle

This is one of the most intricate castles of Scotland from the medieval period. You will find many stone panels, windows and fireplaces carved extremely well and beautifully inside. Though the castle is a little damaged on the outside, the remains indicate that it was grand and royal during its time.

#5-Blair Castle

Situated in Perthshire, Blair Castle is one of the most historic places in Scotland. If you are interested in revisiting the historic times and walking down the beauty of history, this is surely something you must add to your list.

The castle is making history even today as it is home to the last private army remains in Europe. It boasts of over 1,700 artefacts that have been collected over the last 700 years. For history lovers, this is a must visit.

#6-Dunvegan Castle

This is one of the oldest castles of Scotland and is home to the chiefs of Clan MacLeod since the past 800 years. This castle still maintains its historic appeal and is extremely photogenic.

#7-Balmoral Castle

This castle is a private home to the British Royal Family since it was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1848. This castle is open for the public from April to July every year. It is said that the queen would spend her summers in the castle along with her family. The beautiful gardens, grounds and ballroom of the castle are open for the public only for four months in the year. If you plan to travel around this time, you can surely add this to your itinerary.

Scotland is widely known for its picturesque landscapes, green lush mountains and the castles that define the country. People who are fans of great architecture, olden days’ lifestyle and enjoy the good old structures that make a mark even today make it a point to visit these remarkable castles. No matter where you go in Scotland, you will find a number of beautiful castles waiting to be explored and enjoyed!

A Dream Holiday to Spain

Spain flag

Spain is often considered to be a paradise for the tourists. Whether you visit the country on your honeymoon or just a plain family vacation, it has something for everyone. Pleasant sun, wonderful beaches and colourful people, this European country can take your breath away.

If you think Spain is just about bustling city life, then you are wrong. This country’s rural towns can lift your heart. There are a wide variety of things that you can do in Spain. In this article, we will give you a brief idea about how you can have a dream holiday in Spain.

Where to Stay?

spain beachIf you are a beach lover, then it makes sense to stay nearby a great beach. Many of Spain’s beaches are awarded by The Blue Flag. It is a prestigious and an international award telling tourists that the beaches that have received this award are one of the best in the world. More than 4,000 beaches across 48 countries have received The Blue Flag.

Every island has its own set of features. Lanzarote has sand of volcano and Menorca has coves. While Majorca is covered with bays, Ibiza has world’s best sunsets. You can choose any one of the islands for your accommodation.

Things to Do

Spain possesses some of the world’s best golf courses. If you are interested in golf, Spain is probably one of the countries where you can play to your heart’s content. Temporary golf memberships are provided by many clubs and golf courses.

The Santander, Son Gaul, and Maspalomas are some of the international golf courses where international tournaments take place. While you will not be allowed to enter the main course, but a glance of these pitches will take your breath away.

Natural Attractions

The Canary Island will surely leave you awestruck. This is a volcanic site and the natural scenes are spectacular. If you visit Tenarif, make sure you make the best use of cable car and see the highest peak that Spain possesses.

Then there is Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park. It is believed that this place is one of the few places where you can feel the heat of a volcano. The wetlands of Menorca are equally beautiful. Last but not the least; you should surely witness the Majorca’s Serra de Tramuntana.

Family Attractions

Spain has a lot of beautiful water parks. Whether it’s the Big Bang in Aqualandia, Benidorm or the Mundomar Marine Park, kids will have a ball in these water parks. Other than playing different games and participating in other activities, kids can also play with the sea lions. Pirates Adventure, Majorca is another place that you should not miss. It will give you a true feel of the Wild West.


The Spanish food is famous all over the world. Make sure that you try some authentic Spanish dishes from the local joint. Cava, fino sherry, pardon peppers, Serrano ham are some of the must try items if you are a visitor.

You must drop into Paella. This place is famous for making ice with meat and vegetable and not sea fish. Check out the local restaurants and find out the best dishes. Spanish wine is also pretty cool. Try them with food and you will easily forget the world.

Cost Involved

Typically a week’s holiday will cost you anywhere in the range of €300 to €600. This includes stay and free breakfast. Spain is not the cheapest place in the world. If you are going for a honeymoon or a long vacation, it is advised that you carry cash with you. The cost will go up when you consider other costs such as sightseeing, lunches and dinners, and shopping among other activities. Make sure you have enough back up cash for any contingency. It is advised that you visit Spain during the non-peak season in May and June. This is the time when you will get the best deals on hotels and flight tickets.

Top 10 Tips That Helps In Spending Money Safe Whilst Travelling

There are countless people in the world who like to travel different places of the world either alone or in groups for exploring the beauty of the world as well as for experiencing different kind of adventures that are offered by different places of the world. Travelling has actually become a passion of most of the people that loves exploring the beauty of this most beautiful world. But, travelling is not at all an easy job as it requires a lot of money and the most important thing – time. The people who love to travel different places of the world knows it very well how to manage their time and money. However, a lot of things need to be kept in mind while planning for the traveling. The top 10 tips to keep spending money safe whilst travelling are as following:

Tell the bank:

While stepping down to different places of the world, the visitors must inform their banks that they are stepping down. The last thing that they usually want is their bank freezing their credit. This helps the people a lot in protecting their ID against theft, so that the people can travel different places of the world without any kind of tension.

Find out what the bank does in emergency:

After calling the debit card issuer, the traveler must observe what the bank does in any case of emergency as they need to bring some kind of back up instantly at that time.

Avoid changing currencies:

Usually, the exchange rates are very bad at the US airports. So, the travels must avoid changing their currencies at the US airports.

Get cash at the airport ATM:

Once the person lands his destination, he must get the cash at the airport ATM as in case of any kind of mishap like losing wallet, theft or whatsoever, he would have his cash safe, so that he could stay easily wherever he travels.

Prepare the card debacles:

For avoiding different kind of problems like rejection of the ATM card at different banks of the world or any other issue, people must get their card debacles prepared, so that they do not have to face any kind of inconvenience.

Pay with credit at the hotels:

It is always better for the people to pay with the cash at the hotels or the restaurants, instead of using the credit card.


Get billed with the foreign currency:

The visitors should never let the merchant bill them in dollars. They should always insist the merchant and get billed in the foreign currency for saving their money.

Practice safe ATM:

While travelling abroad, the people should keep their mindset as same as it is in their own country. They should try making the safe ATM practices.

Skip traveler’s check:

For avoiding any kind of additional chargers, people travelling anywhere, any place of the world must try skipping the travelers’ check.

Avoid converting excessive currency:

The visitors must not get excessive currency of their country converted into cash. They should get it converted time to time according to their needs.

Top 5 Things to Do in New York

New York is one of the most dreamed cities of the tourists around the globe. This city possesses numerous sightseeing venues, photographic locations and historical places. With so many options, places and occasions to experience, it is tremendously difficult task to trim down the list of things to do in New York to just top 5 positions. If one is visiting the city for first time, it is most like that he or she will choose the most common sights to visit but it is recommended by the regular tourists that it is more interesting and filling to look for the uniqueness of New York City. The following top 5 things one can do in New York is for the first timers and for the regular tourists as well.
1. It is in interest of most of the tourists to fulfill their craving for the historical Landmarks of any city they are visiting. New York has some historical significance which makes all the Americans proud of their heritage. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ellis Island, The Memorial of World Trade Center are the top of these landmarks.


2. With the Top of the Rock Observation Deck which is newly opened on 67th, 69th and 70th floors, 30 Rockefeller Plaza provides extremely impressive views of New York City and going up there can be on the top list of any tourist. Visitors can enjoy the romantic visage of twinkling stars on the sky while mirroring the glistering lights from New York City below.

3. Museums are the attraction point of any city but The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York are exceptionally appealing to the tourists. The former is famous for the ancient sculptures and portraits from early 20th century. The latter is a great venue for photography. Whether you want a picture with Jack Sparrow, Britney spear or one of the famous celebrities whose real looking wax statue is present there, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is the exact place for this.

4. If you are a person of great interest in theaters and music than Radio City Music Hall and Broadway must be the places on your top priorities. Radio City Music Hall is an acute American theater that has captivated travelers since early years of 1930s. On other hand Broadway is one of the top popular theater district on the face of earth. Regular tourists consider it to be a place where without a visit the whole trip to the city is incomplete.
5.) Times Square
Now the most common and seek out place where tourist want to spend their evenings and nights are Time square particularly on New Year eve or Carnegie Hall. Time Square is an overall representative of the city with complete package of excitement, glamour, independence and artistic aura of New York City. While Carnegie Hall with its collection of elegant and delicious restaurants, alluring gift shops and informative museum is said to be national institution.
After visiting all these places or when you have a day when you are unable to get entry to one of the many landmarks of the city, you can equally enjoy a bike ride or simple stroll through Central Park which is totally free of cost.